We recognize that sustainability extends beyond our own operations. That's why we actively engage with our clients and partners to ensure they adhere to similar environmental standards. Through collaboration and transparency, we work towards building a supply chain and an organization that prioritizes sustainable practices for the environment and the society. If you want to read more about our principals sustainability work, check out WEC and SCI to learn more.

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Our mission

We're all about peering beyond the horizon, even when obstacles pop up along the way. Our mission? To give it our all and make a difference where we can. With our Sustainability Agenda leading the charge, our mission is clear: to advocate and boost for a positive change. While we may not own the vessels or trucks, we certainly possess the power to inform, inspire, and advocate for transformation within an industry responsible for roughly 40% of Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions.

Dedication fuels our efforts, echoing the iconic words of Neil Armstrong: "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Together, our potential knows no bounds, and action is not just an option—it's a necessity.

Join us in our mission

Our top 3 sustainability missions

  1. Creating & Boosting a Positive Change.

  2. Greener logistics, finding the best solution for the environment and our clients.

  3. Employee Engagement, Well-being & Development.